Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 11/11/00 Listen Page

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 11/11/00 Listen Page

Upcoming shows:
Every other Monday 3-5pm ET through Nov. 21: WFMU's GTDR (next/FINAL: 11/21 3pm)
& every other Monday 2-4pm ET through Nov. 21: WTJU (next/FINAL: 11/21 2pm)
(91.1 C'ville)
Show ended 5 days, 14 hours ago.
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Broadcasting Sat. 11/11/00 from 9-10am Eastern Time, on WFMU

For modems:
MP3 (Winamp)
Windows Media Player

For super-fast connections not possible via phone lines:
MP3 high-bandwidth (Winamp) (In Stereo!)

For FM radios:
91.1 in and around New York City
90.1 somewhere vaguely above New York City

Show announcement:

* ken's last ever radio extravaganza
saturday 11/11 9am-10am
wfmu (radio waves and internet)

* live improvisation
what will be aired will be determined
at the time it is aired
forecasting noise and density
slight possibility of confusion through political texts
chance of rhythmic looping by late morning
scheduled so as not to interfere with other activities
studies reveal use of lowercase in promotions
increases overall enjoyment of event
live contributions may very well be accepted
201-200-9368 during the show
please subvert
boredom not accepted

* read about the ongoing project
ken's last ever radio extravaganza

* listen to the show
(see links above for internet listening)
-1- 91.1FM new york city area  (requires fm radio or better)
-2- 90.1FM somewhere above new york city
-7- find it somewhere between channels 5 and 6 on your tv
-8- listen in your doctor's waiting room
-9- read closed captioning text simulcast, where available

* complain

* order cd's of any of past 239 shows

* thanks to
free-form radio

* people are more important than

* ken's last ever radio extravaganza 

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza