Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 6/16/02: The Flying Sarabande Machine (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Sun. 6/16/02 5:49-6:36pm @ free103point9: The Flying Sarabande Machine.
On radio and in live presense, at microbroadcaster free103point9.
Getting back to my radio roots: Drifty collage of what was stuck in my head, so it can be stuck in your head.
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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M
Playlist complete, not in order (sources largely collaged together simultaneously)
Georg Friedrich HandelSarabande Main TitleThe main musical theme of the show, based on various Handel arrangements from the Kubrick filmBarry Lyndon - The Soundtrackm
Georg Friedrich HandelSarabande-DuelBarry Lyndon - The Soundtrackm
Georg Friedrich HandelSarabande-Duel (Reprise)Barry Lyndon - The Soundtrackm
Georg Friedrich HandelSarabande End-TitleOnly used at end of showBarry Lyndon - The Soundtrackm
Hannah-BarberaJetsons doorbellLooped for a short periodm
Mike PostHill Street Blues ThemeMostly intro looped, rest of song came in laterm
Philip GlassMusic With Changing PartsIn acknowledging a return to an earlier style of mine, I returned to dishwashing musicMusic With Changing Partsm
Brad FiedelTerminator ThemeEventually multiple copies of this built to a highly prolonged crescendo (which then led into the Magic Garden theme)The Terminator soundtrackm
Marlon Brando & Martin SheenI Don't See Any Method At AllAre my methods unsound?Apocalypse Now sound clipsm
Apocalypse NowVarious sound clipsApocalypse Now sound clipsm
The BeatlesFlying (alternate mix)The secondary musical theme of the show, using at least two versions of the sleeper classic, but not the originalAlternate Magical Mystery Tourm
The BeatlesFlying (bootleg)White Album bootlegsm
Brad FiedelCome to Me (Vocals)Fright Night soundtrackm
Brad Fiedel, Chris Sarandon, Amanda BearseCome to Me (Instrumental, dialog)The sexy 80's vampire scene. Where's Charlie?Fright Night soundtrackm
Brad FiedelFright Night ThemeFright Night soundtrackm
Hannah-BarberaVarious ridiculous sound effects (boing, car skid, crash, doi, drop bonk, get away, run, run away, rush, rush slip, slam, slip bonk, streak)During sound effects barrageHannah Barbera sound effectsm
Sound Effects226 unrelated sound effectsSound effects overloadw
George W. BushVarious samples from the "Get Back to Work" post-September 11, 2001 speech"Get back to work, evil doers, to do what's right for America. The American people made a terrible mistake. Our nation was horrified to do what's right for America..."w
George W. BushVarious samples from a post-Sept. 11, 2001 radio address"A comprehensive assault on terrorism bound us together as a nation. Our response must be sweeping, sustained, effective, designed to tear us apart. Everywhere in America the conflict will not be short, and I'm deeply grateful, because this is America..."w
Sound Effects200 unrelated sound samplesSound effects overloadw
Magic GardenMagic Garden Song"If you sing for me, la la la la la la, I'll sing for you, loo loo loo loo loo loo..." After George W.'s rearranged lecturing on terrorism and death movie musicm
Magic GardenSee Ya"Hope you'll have a good good mornin', hope you have a shiny day." Nearly the closing theme.m
Phone answering machineVarious phone messages I received in April 2002Various copiesw
Wendy Carlos, David ThielQ*Bert Bach Terror from K.L.E.R.E. Elsewhere 9/24/00 as rearranged during K.L.E.R.E. Mommy? 2/6/02100 Q*Bert's falling upward over backwards circus musicKen's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza #257 2/6/02: "Mommy?"w
Thomas NewmanPossibilityBriefPay It Forward soundtrackm
Hannah-BarberaThe Jetsons (Underscore)Music that plays in the background during the cartoonHanna-Barbera's Pic-A-Nic Basket Volume 2m
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