Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 2/24/04: It's a World of Laughter (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Tues. 2/24/04 6:30-7pm
It's a World of Laughter

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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M
Playlist complete, not in order (sources collaged and layered together simultaneously)
Walt DisneyA Spoonful of SugarMuzac version, show openingDisney Parks Disneyland - The Disney Gallery
Alan WattsListenWill you try an experiment with me? Simply close your eyes, and allow your ears to hear all sounds around you.Teaching Meditation
David Lucas BurgeLesson 36 - 14 - Listening TechniqueRelative Pitch Ear Training Super Course
Alan WattsZen LaughingAbout 4 copies, and left-right panned. Let's all just laugh!Teaching Meditation
Noam ChomskyExcerpt on media's complicity in genocide, re East TimorManufacturing Consent movie
?Excerpt by woman on East Timor being turned into a cash cropManufacturing Consent movie
Bob SharplesStars and Stripes ForeverAmerica on the March
Walt DisneyA Spoonful of SugarIn every job that must be done, there is an element of funThe Music Of Disney - A Legacy In Song 2
Ronald ReaganThe Speech, 10/27/1964Need to reduce social spending. (Same clip as used in Beautiful Terror)
Walt DisneyIt's a Small WorldIt's a world of laughterWalt Disney World, Fantasyland, 1971
George W. BushState of the Union speech excerptsWhile the price of freedom and security is high, it is never too high! Whatever it takes to defend our country, we will pay!State of the Union 2002
The PlattersThe Great PretenderOriginally selected for I'm Going to Kill Myself Tomorrow (the failure of America to live up to its ideals) but never usedAmerican Graffiti s.t. (1973)
Schoolhouse RockTax Man MaxNow kids know, taxes aren't for the military, they're to fix cracks in the roadsMoney Rock
Frank SinatraWorld War II War Bond Advertisementwith Tommy Dorsey. Are you investing your dollars in the military like other real Americans?It's All So New!
Bob SharplesThe Star Spangled BannerAmerica on the March
Jimmy CarterSpeech excerptWhat kind of world are we building for our children?
Stephen R. CoveyTrack 32Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families
James BrownFight Against Drug Abuse PSAPublic Service Announcement Promotional Disc
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