Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 4/8/04: Around the Town Soundscape (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Thurs. 4/8/04 1-3pm
Around the Town Soundscape

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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M
Playlist basically complete, in order of first appearance (sources collaged and layered together simultaneously)
Her Space HolidaySpectator SportOne small loop. 1-1:05, 1:47-1:55m
7% SolutionAll About Satellites and Spaceships1:05-1:47:30, 2:14-2:23, and end?All About Satellites and Spaceshipsw
Quaquaversal131:18-1:31bloo compilationw
Robert RodriguezEl Mariachi1:20-1:24Once Upon a Time in Mexicow
The Golden Arm Trio (feat. the TOSCA String Quartet)The Ship1:26-1:31:30Why the Sea is Saltw
Wes Andersen, actor, director, writerScene: Opening math class1:33-1:47:30Rushmore moview
The Pilot Shipsa song by your campfire1:32-1:34:30, -2:18, 2:19-2:21:30there should be an entry herew
Sativa QuartetThe Dancewith Alan Watts. 1:34:30-1:46:30When Worlds Collidew
Ethereal Planes IndianLike A Sky Full of Rain1:40-1:41, 1:42-1:46:30, 2 copies: 1:45-1:47w
AnnouncementUnderwriting announcementd
Ethereal Planes IndianEmergence of Dreams1:55w
RajamaniPakiam (Peace)11 copies: 1:58-2:05, 1 copy: 2:08-2:16Pakiam (2000)w
Drums and TubaThe Great White Whale2:08-2:11:30Gas up, Blow up (2003)w
The Pilot Shipsa stop still remains-2:11there should be an entry herew
The Golden Arm Trio (feat. the TOSCA String Quartet)Swift Ship SailingVery brief. 2:11Why the Sea is Saltw
American Analog SetHard to Find2:10-2:12, full volume: 2:12-2:15Promise of Lovew
Turtleback Puppet Theater (singer: Dot Smith)Raisin Carrot Cake2:11, 2:17 (left/right)Hans! My! Hedgehog! s.t.w
Rick ReedTrack 42:15, 2:23-2:34:30Ghosts of Energyw
ChaskiAymaraleft/right, 4 copies. 2:17Unayw
AnnouncementUnderwriting announcementd
Shawn FeeneyBlack Holes2:31m
Shawn FeeneyOoblek Live at the Parish 3/25/04-2:37:30m
Shawn FeeneyMirrorspell2:32m
Shawn FeeneyMacbeth's Banquetm
Wes Andersen: director, writer; Gwyneth Paltrow, actorScene: Do you send my mother your clippings?2:34Royal Tenenbaums moview
Echo Base SoundsystemDervish2:36-2:43, 2:50Echo Base Soundsystem (2003)w
The Golden Arm Trio (feat. the TOSCA String Quartet)Handmill's Fortune2:36:30-2:37Why the Sea is Saltw
Explosions in the SkyYour Hand in MineLittle clips looped, various, backwards and forwards. 2:39-endThe Earth is Not a Cold Dead Placem
Daniel JohnstonCasper the Friendly GhostLoop. 2:44:30-2:45Yip Jump Musicm
Daniel JohnstonInstrumental2:45-2:47The Lost Recordingsm
American Analog SetModern DrummerVery brief. 2:48Promise of Lovew
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