Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza Thurs. 1/16/97 7pm - 10pm (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Thurs. 1/16/97 7pm - 10pm (Taped - Mixing, music, excessive landlord talk w/Joe) 15948
WHRW Binghamton, 90.5FM

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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M N
JonesBled from previous show4c0
WHRWRod Piazza station IDr0
NegativlandA Perfect Cut (Good As Gold)Intro onlyHouse Arrest8v0
WHRWJunior Wells station IDr0
NegativlandA Perfect Cut (Piece of Meat)House Arrest8v0
KenShow intro, alternative weatherl
Tiny TimShe Left Me With the HerpesI Love MeB9v0
Frank ZappaLatherLather / Left of the DialR9v0
the ampsPacerpacer8c0
Man. . .or Astro-Man?Stereo Phase TestExperiment Zero8c0
Man. . .or Astro-Man?Television FissionExperiment Zero8c0
Man. . .or Astro-Man?DNIExperiment Zero8c0
ArtlessMacho ManDumbrock Vol. 9+10: The Disco Years (Coll)7"v1
Star TrekSpock WalkStar Trek I st6v1
Star TrekEnd TitleStar Trek I st6v1
Star TrekEnd TitleBackwards, w/ConsolidatedStar Trek I st6v1
Star TrekSpock WalkBackwards, w/ConsolidatedStar Trek I st6v1
English ProseMaloryEnglish Prose0v1
ConsolidatedMeat, meat, meat and meatPartial, w/Star TrekBusiness of Punishment8c0
ConsolidatedThe Sexual Politics of Meat (LP Mix)w/Star TrekThis is Facism EP8c0
ConsolidatedMeat, meat, meat and meatBusiness of Punishment8c0
ConsolidatedToday is my birthdayBusiness of Punishment8c0
English Prose?BriefEnglish Prose0v1
WHRWPSA: Safety Belts w/Vince and LarryVarious, spliced together, tape flipr0
Cornershop6 A.M. Jullandar Shere* Recently heard on some NYC area college stationWoman's Gotta Have It8c0
English ProseFroissartEnglish Prose0v1
The Firesign TheatreGetting InEntire album sideEat or Be Eaten0v0
WHRWDrill station IDr0
English ProseMoreEnglish Prose0v1
Ryan Miller?Myst albumc1
The FlintstonesHansel and GretelMixed with GrimmFlintstones Children's Stories0v0
GrimmClever GretelMixed with FlintstonesGrimm's Fairy Tails, w/Danny Kaye0v0
WHRWPSA: Terret's SyndromeNew taper1
Gosh What a Wonderful WorldGosh What a Wonderful World"and of course atomic energy which we hope to use for peace."Gosh What a Wonderful World0v1
Grimm?Grimm's Fairy Tails, w/Danny Kaye0v0
whrwPSA: HIVr0
Show degenerates to Ken and Joe talking about past landlords, over "Joe music," the seven songs that were Joe's radio repertoire
Crash Test DummiesAfternoons and CoffeespoonsGod Shuffled His FeetB9c0
Mike MyersThis Poem SucksSo I Married An Axe Murderer st6c0
Ren and Stimpy12 Days of YaksmasCamera caller requested "Rent"6c0
EverclearAmerican GirlTom Petty TributeB9c0
Engine Kid?Tom Petty TributeB9c0
Weird Al YankovicLivin' in the FridgeB9c0
Sara DebelSmells Like Teen SpiritGrunge Lite8c0
MagnapopLay It DownOne clip repeatedHot Boxing8c0
Ryan MillerMyst musicOpening theme played hundreds of timesMyst albumc1
Bob and Doug McKenzie0v0
Ghostly Sounds0v0
GrimmGrimm's Fairy Tails, w/Danny Kaye0v0
Bill CosbySeattle"You get a gorilla and then the old gorilla" stops skipping, to my horror0v0
Phone callerCamera talk callerl

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