Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza Mon. 1/20/97 7:41pm - 10pm (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Mon. 1/20/97 7:41pm - 10pm (Taped - Homicidal: Stereo, all mix, interesting callers) 13586
WHRW Binghamton, 90.5FM

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Show ended 5 days, 13 hours ago.
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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M N
MagnapopVariousClips, stereoRubbing Doesn't Help8c0
W.A. MozartVariousClips, backwards, off speedSonatas for Organ and OrchestraCc0
W.A. MozartPiano Concerto No. 6Piano Concertos K. 238, K. 271 - Geza AndaCv0
The PosiesFight It (If You Want)c0
KenStation off air, no sales tax on clothingl
WHRWForeign Invasion station IDr0
Gillian WelchPass You By
King MissileFarm8v0
King MissileIt's Saturday (Live Detached version)By request, Mozart mixing ends8c0
Stephen SondheimPretty Little PictureMixed with Fatherhood PSAA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forumc
WHRWPSA: Fatherhood InitiativeMixed with Sondheimr0
WHRWTrippy Hynotism Thingr0
King KongThe Tornado SongForwards and backwards, tape flip8v0
Lou ReedEgg CreamBlue In the Face st6c0
MobyFirst Cool HiveMixed with HochScream st6c1
Danny Hochas AndySampled, mixed well with MobyBlue In the Face st6c0
The ConnellsBitter PillScream st6c1
Engine KidWindshieldIn-Flight Program - Revelation Records '97 (Coll)8c1
Marco BeltramiTrouble in Woodsboro / Sidney's Lament (Scream Theme)Mixed with readingsScream st6c1
KenTransmitter readings on airl
Marco BeltramiTrouble in Woodsboro / Sidney's Lament (Scream Theme)Mixed with Indonesian musicScream st6c1
Pulau BengkalisLancang Kunig (excerpt) - ZapinRight speakerMusic of Indonesia 11 - Malayu Music Sumatra10c1
Indonesia?Left speakerMusic of Indonesia 10 - Music of Biak, Iran Jaya10c1
SandurLaghoe DindangCenter channelIndonesia - Music for the Gods10c0
Drilling noisesHeadphones being drilled into studiol
WHRWOasis station IDr0
Phone callerPsychologist, on why this show would inspire homosideNew tapel
Phone callersl
CatherineWhisperScream st6c1
SoHoWhisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)Scream st6c1
MagnapopI Don't CareRubbing Doesn't Help8c0
Stirling Castle, Miss RamseyFiddle SticksWorld Music (Coll)10c0
MagnapopTexasHot Boxing8c0
MagnapopTexasKiss My Mouth EP8c0
WHRWFrantic Sounds thing station IDr0

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