Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 8/2/97 1pm - 6:50pm (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Sat. 8/2/97 1pm - 6:50pm (Taped 1-4pm - Space, noise, Radiohead, Costello/Byrds, PT Mike, Copycat w/apprentice Joe w/Alicia show, Just Another clips) 14573
WHRW Binghamton, 90.5FM

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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M N
LeadbellyBled from previous show, varispeed4v0
Learning to Say NoExcerptsLearning to Say Not
NegativlandA Bee FlyPoints8c0
NegativlandNo HandsPoints8c0
NegativlandPotty AirPoints8c0
RadioheadTrack 7OK Computer8c1
Department of CrooksOh-Oui-AnnePlan 9 From Las Vegas8c1
The BeatlesHelter SkelterIntro riff, repeated, 2 copiesThe White AlbumR9c0
RadioheadNo Surprises3 copies blendedOK Computer8c1
RadioheadNo Surprises3 copies blendedOK Computerc
RadioheadNo Surprises3 copies blendedOK Computervc0
CanFather Cannot TellCannibalismR9v0
CanYoo Doo RightCannibalismR9v0
Rebroadcast of Alicia Silverstone show #1 (9/95)Excerptsw/Joe,Ken,Copycat,Jen Flynn,No Thumbs,Wingnutt
Learning to Say NoExcerptsLearning to Say Not
WeezerMy Name is JonasIntro onlyWeezerc
Amateur LoversIntroductionAmateur LoversB9c0
WeezerMy Name is JonasWeezerc
Amateur LoversBig Bang?Amateur LoversB9c0
Cheap TrickMagical Mystery TourBeatles coverGreatest Hitsc
The BeatlesMagical Mystery TourNew tapeMagical Mystery TourR9v0
Elvis CostelloYou Bowed Down2 copiesAll This Useless BeautyR9c0
The ByrdsTurn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)Stolen from CostelloTurn! Turn! Turn!R9v0
MagnapopOpen the Door2 copiesRubbing Doesn't Help8c0
Massive AttackSpying GlassPart187 st6c1
MagnapopSnakes2 copies, mixed w/other versionRubbing Doesn't Help8c0
MagnapopSnakesMixed w/2 copies of other versionMagnapop8c0
Apprentice JoePromo for Martiansl
RadioheadExit Music (For a Film)2 copies, w/skipsOK Computer8c1
Nerf HerderVan HalenNerf Herder8c0
Van HalenFeel Your Love TonightVan HalenB9v0
Sunny Day Real EstateFridaySunny Day Real Estate8c0
Cheap TrickI Can't Take ItGreatest Hitsc
Henry Rollins and GoldieT-4 Strainw/Apprentice Joe talkSpawn st6c1
Rebroadcast of Alicia Silverstone show #1 (9/95)Excerptst
RadioheadFake Plastic TreesCopies, layeredRebroadcast of Radiohead Layering Extravaganza #1 (9/28/95)8c0
RadioheadFake Plastic Trees2 copies, layered w/rebroadcast copiesthe bends8c0
RadioheadFake Plastic TreesFake Plastic Trees EP8c0
KenSlow/fast talkingl
WeezerNo One ElseWeezerc
Just Another AssholeEntire CDJust Another Asshole #50c0
Optiganally YoursCompressor/ExpanderSpotlight on...8c0
Just Another AssholeMore of CDJust Another Asshole #50c0
Just Another AssholeMore of CDTape ends after track 1 - Rest of show not tapedJust Another Asshole #50c0
NegativlandTracks 2 - 4Over the Edge Vol. 2: Pastor Dick: Muriel's Purse Fund8c0
NegativlandOur National AnthemFree8c0
NegativlandOne Bar of Soap (track 6)Over the Edge: Testwave8c0
NegativlandTracks 7 - 10Over the Edge: Testwave8c0
NegativlandFreedom's WaitingFree8c0
NegativlandTrack 2, tracks 4 - Free8c0

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