Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza Feb. 5, 1998 (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Ken's Extravaganza 2/5/98 4pm - 7pm ... 11278

First 45 minutes: Coldcut, Momus, Negativland Sex Dirt. Reordered poetry.
"More noise please." Etc.

If this is the right show: Excessive those bands, then stupid people on air:
Keith accusing Pilgrim of being DHG, Pilgrim denying, babble on air about Wooly and Big Ups, Keith seems to be in station? Not likely.
Then we're all talking to and over another similar show with me and them talking, and open mics on administrative types (must be 1/28/98) - I hear most WHRW people, incl. PT Mike, Pilgrim, Eran. Also Tube Amp doing "biggie fries", and "put that hat on" loud on phone.

The show gets more interesting, although silly, but it might just be 1/28/98 we're hearing. GIM was 3 weeks ago. Was 2 weeks ago during 1/28/98. I complain about how you never can tell when the show might suddenly turn and become worth listening to). All this caller chaos layered over the 1/28/98 caller chaos leads to very funny and confusing results (I certainly had no idea what was going on). Runs until end of first tape.

Tape 2: on the education act of war...let me read that again. Long Mark Twain stories, confused editing - interesting.

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