Live radio/internet Extravaganza: Radiohead rebroadcast

Live radio/internet Extravaganza: Radiohead rebroadcast

Today (Tuesday)'s Extravaganza will consist of highlights from two earlier shows in the Radiohead-exploration series of shows, by request.

The series essentially experiments with the layering and mixing potential I find in Radiohead's music. It is helpful if you are already familiar with the original music; as is often the case with "plunderphonics," appreciation of the remix of a piece can be somewhat dependent on recognition of what has been remixed.

Note that tonight's 1.5-hour show is NOT a "best of" the Radiohead series. It is just two randomly selected parts. As far as I recall, these are good parts...but they're not the best parts. Keep in mind that everything on this show (and almost 100% of the Extravaganzas) occurred live, and was neither planned nor recorded ahead of time, and consists of no edits. I also, of course, cannot vouch for the quality of the RealAudio internet feed. No doubt something will be lost in the translation.

The shows that will be highlighted will be "Beatles stole from Radiohead" (7/26/97), and "Daehoidar Ecaps" (8/31/97-1). As I mentioned before, I'm not totally sure what these clips will consist of, or just how good they will be, but I can safely say there will be nothing but Radiohead.

The show will air tonight (Tuesday 3/24/98) from 10pm - 11:30pm Eastern Time. In Binghamton, tune to 90.5FM. On the internet, go to "". You will need to have the RealAudio Player already installed, and will need at least a 28.8K modem. If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me.

Please give me feedback about the show, via email. Do not call the station, since I will not be there (and will probably be listening on the internet myself!)

For more information about the 470+ hours of Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza, see the page at "". (According to the page, the first Radiohead remix show was 9/28/95.) If you're interested in ordering or tape trading, send me email.

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