Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 7/2/98 10pm - 1:05am (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Thurs. 7/2/98 10pm - 1:05am (Taped - Most annoying - Put to a vote for most annoying show, I lost by a wide margin. - New monostereo deconstruction (L-R unsynching), dishwashing Weezer, Wooly belches, free tape giveaways, pregnant on Old State Rd., request for 'I Hate That Quiche, Man' (9/5/97), apprentice) 14571
WHRW Binghamton, 90.5FM

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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M N
Playlist order approximate, all sources listed
WHRWGraduating DJ's Reminisce station IDr
WHRWBrain Defective Rock & Roll (Mr. Mike 1979) station IDr
WHRWLead Poisoning PSAr
David BowieSpace OddityLeft/Right out of synchThe Singles 1969-1993R9c
David BowieSpace OddityLeft/Right out of synchChangesBowiec
The BeatlesMaxwell's Silver HammerLeft/Right out of synchAbbey Roadc
The BeatlesHere Comes the SunLeft/Right out of synchAbbey Roadc
Phone caller - Off-air"Stop ruining the music"
The BeatlesYou Never Give Me Your MoneyLeft/Right out of synchAbbey Roadc
The BeatlesShe Came in Through the Bathroom WindowLeft/Right out of synchAbbey Roadc
The BeatlesGolden SlumbersLeft/Right out of synchAbbey Roadc
The BeatlesYellow SubmarineLeft/Right out of synchYellow SubmarineR9v
Simon & GarfunkelThe Sound of SilenceLeft/Right out of synchCollected Worksc
WeezerMy name is JonasDishwashing loopWeezer8c
WeezerMy name is JonasDishwashing loopWeezerc
WHRWDrill ID station IDr
PhonePregnant Old State Road girl. Most annoying vote: Polka showl
PhoneKeith Hessian, playing "bend over"l
PhoneFour people who won free tape. Most annoying vote: This showl
PhonePoleman and/or Pornmonger. Most annoying vote: Mad Trivia and/or Free Uncensoredl
PhonePT Mike, playing police scanners. Most annoying vote: Free Uncensoredl
PhoneHigh-pitched Tube Amp. Most annoying vote: Mad Trivia and Doc Mordechil
PhoneRealAudio feedbackl
WeezerUndone - the Sweater songAnnoying drum loopWeezer8c
WeezerUndone - the Sweater songAnnoying drum loopWeezerc
Howdy Doody(Excerpt)Apprentice DanIt's Howdy Doody Time!0v
Stevens & Grdnic(Excerpt)Apprentice DanStevens & Grdnic0v
Ronald Reagan(Excerpt)Apprentice DanFreedom's Finest Hour0v
Woofers & Tweeters Ensemble(Excerpt)Apprentice DanBeatle Barkers0v
Dr. Seuss(Excerpt)Apprentice DanThe Sneetches / Horton Hatches the Egg0v
MatteoCaretillaApprentice DanCastanets - How to Play Them0v
Weird Al YankovicYodaApprentice DanDare to Be Stupid0v
Daniel Jan WalikisEuropean Ethnic Melodies Show introDan Jan station ID 1996t
Weird Al YankovicHooked on PolkasApprentice DanDare to Be Stupid0v
Phone callersl
Keith HessianWooly belchesl
Breakbeat Massive(Various)Beats for belchingBreakbeat Massive (Coll)?c
Apprentice DanDon't lick your dog - you'll get beef poisoningl
KenYelling, being annoyingl
Four people who won free tapeBeing very annoyingl
YanniReflections of PassionReflections of Passionc
WeezerUndone - the Sweater songWeezer8c

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