Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza Jan. 30, 1999 (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Ken's Extravaganza 1/30/99 7pm - 1am ... 12235

Warm-up: Parts of old shows that include old shows? Things with Partyliner, repeat sampling, Radiohead loop underneath, and '96 show with Stace,Eran, Betsy. Source confuses me. Recommended.

Following 1.5 hours: New Radiohead mixing tricks (echo rhythms) layered with highlights of old confusion collaborations (esp. 9/7/97 Are you a partyliner?, maybe later show that used that show, adding classical music layer).
Negativland Orson Welles over Edward Scissorhands. Dario G mix. M-Slick Marcy. Monkey song. 9/3/98 fight with Tanya/Satan samples. Amish Paradise/Gangsta's Paradise mix. Liz Phair straight.

Remaining 4.5 hours: As confusing as a show has ever been. (with M-Slick, Surgeon Smooth, 'Joey Ramone', Jen & Julie, M-Slick sistew ("but I admire you for drinking Diet Coke") and friends, Shinobi Tom,Melinda,Dan,Jane, callers (Ruben "Granola plugging" and Roxy "What is banging?")...and Shih-Ming Cow Shih Ming Kao returns after a 4-year absence (see 9/24/94).

I rescind the 4.5-hour rebate of time back to your life, since this show turned out well

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