Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 2/7/04: Bludgeoning the Unconvinced (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Sat. 2/7/04 3-4pm
Bludgeoning the Unconvinced

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Artist Title Comment Album
Playlist mostly complete, not in order (sources collaged and layered together simultaneously)
AirMike Mills33 loops made from the original song, cleanly layered and sequenced in real-time throughout the entire showTalkie Walkie
Spiro AgnewImpudent Snobs DefinedSpeech Oct. 1969
Tony RobbinsThe Power of a Transformational Vocabulary (1-8)
Lyndon Baines JohnsonWe Are Going To Win
John LennonOh Yoko2 intro loops, with live pitch shifting, then rest of song as relief at show endRushmore s.t.
Lyndon Baines JohnsonTrembleState of the Union Jan. 12, 1966
Lyndon Baines JohnsonPlenty of DissentersSpeech Nov. 17, 1967
Spiro AgnewWe Are InvolvedSpeech Feb. 1970, NY Drug, Chemical & Assoc. Trades
Spiro AgnewModerate StimulationOn Vietnam War demonstrators
Trembling Blue StarsAll I Never SaidSpooky choral musicLips that taste of tears (1998)
Cat StevensThe Wind3 intro loops, the happy guitarRushmore s.t.
The KinksNothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl2 loops, the darker guitarRushmore s.t.
Lyndon Baines JohnsonWe Will Not Surrender or RetreatSpeech July 28, 1965
Lyndon Baines JohnsonBombing Halt on North VietnamSpeech Mar. 31, 1968
Lyndon Baines JohnsonI Shall Not SeekSpeech Mar. 31, 1968
Lyndon Baines JohnsonI Will Not Accept NominationSpeech Mar. 31, 1968
Lyndon Baines JohnsonAmerica Wins the Wars She UndertakesSpeech Aug. 3, 1965
Lyndon Baines JohnsonThe Hour Is HereSpeech 1968
Lyndon Baines JohnsonWhy Oh WhySpeech Aug. 3, 1965
Spiro AgnewA Time To Be DisturbedSpeech Oct. 1969
Spiro AgnewMoratoriumSpeech Oct. 1969
Spiro AgnewPampered Prodigies & Professional PessimistsPresident vs. militant minoritySpeech Fall 1970
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