Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza Sun. 2/2/97 1:10am - 4am (playlist)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (playlist):
Sun. 2/2/97 1:10am - 4am (Taped - REAL last ever show - Music, noisy voice mixing, phone callers) 14002
WHRW Binghamton, 90.5FM

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Artist Title Comment Album Ct M N
MagnapopThis FamilyIntro riff, repeatedRubbing Doesn't Help8c0
MagnapopSlowly, SlowlyHot Boxing8c0
NegativlandDisc 1, track 6Part, until CD starts skippingOver the Edge: Time Zones Exchange Project8c0
NegativlandWhisper a PrayerOver the Edge: Pastor Dick - Muriel's Purse Fund8c0
AllThis WorldPummel8c0
Velvet Cactus SocietyTunnelvision8c0
Man. . .or Astro-Man?Super Rocket RumbleDeluxe Men in Space8c0
Ken NordineGoldColors0c0
Roger MillerDance in the Poet's EyeMixed with Rollins?c0
Roger MillerDjinn?c0
Henry RollinsCondosMixed with Miller and HIV PSA0c0
WHRWPSA: HIV - Condomsr0
Phone Callerl
Portsmouth SinfoniaEntire side0v0
Elasticaunheard musicSuberbia st6c1
Jennifer Jones and Hugh MaskelaFather of our NationMandela st?6c1
Radioheadstreet spirit (fade out)8c0
RadioheadVarious tracks8c0
SugarBelieve What You're Saying8c0
Stephen KingThe MistThe Mist0v0
NegativlandPlease Don't Sue UsAfter lawsuit reference in KingFair Use8c0
Point of OrderEntire sideMixed with King, new tapePoint of Order (st)0v0
The Firesign TheatreSide BProctor & Bergman - Give Us a Break0v0
KenStation IDl
ConsolidatedMeat, meat, meat, meat, meat and meat8c0
Tommy MakemWinds of MorningBy request3c0
CornershopJansimrawa King8c0
WeezerPink TriangleTape flippinkerton8c0
King MissileThe Indians8c0
WhirlpoolWastelandIn-Flight Program - Revelation Records '97 (Coll)8c1
ChinchillaDecoderIn-Flight Program - Revelation Records '97 (Coll)8c1
Camper Van Beethoven(I Was Born in a) Laundromat8c0
Steve FiskFilthy Young People19840c0
Steve FiskA Short History of Music19850c0
Tear GardenAscension DayB9c0
BirdbrainYouth of AmericaScream st6c1
??Scream st6c1
Steve FiskI Wish I Were Dead0c0
MagnapopTexasKiss My Mouth EP8c0
MagnapopTexasHot Boxing8c0
WHRWDon't Worry If It Sounds Funny station IDr0

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