Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza: Present Mulch (5/19/09) show audio

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza:
Present Mulch (5/19/09)

Live at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

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This is the entire show (except for microphone content), live, unedited, performed 5/19/09 10:08-10:53pm at Sidewalk Cafe, East Village, New York City.
The full show list has over 392 shows from the past 15 years, all different.
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Source listing (playlist) (Listen to show)

Artist Title Album Year Comment
Playlist possibly complete, not in order (sources collaged and layered together simultaneously)
Barry BlissDo Not Call Upon JesusTruths Put Into Rhyme2008Played previous set, present
Diane Cluckbeatless wondermonarcana2006Present
Diane Cluck (vocal), Bernard King (writer), Dan Costello and Doug "Grand Pepper" Principato (piano and Shamisen)The Wind Comes a HowlingLive at Sidewalk Cafe, 2/20/092009Bernard's poem. Present. Time shouldn't be wasted, should never be wasted. Your eyes are beautiful, and the wind comes a-howling.
Scatman Crothers, Stanley Kubrick, Stephen KingWhen something happens, it can leave a trace of itself behindThe Shining movie1980
James BurkeNYC is a technology trapConnections, episode 11978
TSA & Steve BierfeldtDetained in airport for carrying cash2009If you have nothing to hide, why don't you just answer the question?
Patrick McGoohanScene: This farce, this 20th century Bastille that pretends to be a pocket democracyThe Prisoner show (Episode 4: Free for All)1967Why don't you put us all into solitary confinement until you get what you're after and have done with it? Brainwashed imbeciles!
MogwaiFear Satan (remix) (scene: Paper mill)All the Real Girls movie2003
Tangerine DreamLove On a Real TrainRisky Business s.t. (and Electronic Orgy, 1996)1983
Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane
Nicolas Cage, Charlie Kaufman, Spike JonzeI have failed...Adaptation movie2002I have failed, I am panicked, I have sold out, I am worthless, what the fuck am I doing here? What the fuck am I doing here? Fuck! It is my weakness, my ultimate lack of conviction that brings me here.
Mark MothersbaughMothersbaugh's CanonRoyal Tenenbaums s.t.2001
Steven Soderbergh Scene: Nothing that can be confirmed or deniedSchizopolis movie1996It should be lengthy enough to seem substantial, yet concise enough to feel breezy. It should be serious, with a slight wink. It should lay out a new course of action, but one that can change direction at any moment. If you must mention facts and figures, don't do so directly. The general thrust should remain embedded in one's mind forever, but specific words should be forgotten the moment they are heard. It should contain nothing that can't be confirmed or denied.
Albert Brooks, James Spader, Steven Schwartz, Richard Dooling, Sidney LumetScene: Catastrophic Health CareCritical Care movie1997They talk about a living don't need a living will, just make sure you don't have money for healthcare, and you'll die a happy fella with a big smile on your face in your own king-sized bed.
Wallace Shawn, Steven Schwartz, Richard Dooling, Sidney LumetScene: All those things seem tiny nowCritical Care movie1997I get to talk to people who, at long last, know what's important! The living make such meaningless distinctions: how should I cut my hair? What kind of a car should I buy? Will interest rates go up? All those things: the products you consume, the politics you debated, the people youi knew...all your life's moments, big and small, they look very tiny now!
John Carpenter (director, writer), Ray Nelson (story writer), Keith David, Roddy Piper (actors)Scene: The golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rulesThey Live movie1988They close one more factory, I'm gonna take a sledge to one of their fancy fucking foreign cars. You know, you ought to have a little more patience. Yeah, well I'm all out. The whole deal's like some crazy game. They put you at the starting line, and the name of the game is make it through life. Only everyone's out for themselves, and looking to do you in at the same time. OK, man, here we are. Here we are, now, you do what you can, but remember, I'm going to do my best to blow your ass away. So, how are you gonna make it? Deliver a hard day's work for the money, I just want the chance, it'll come. I believe in America. I follow the rules. Everybody's got their own hard times these days.
Patrick McGoohanScene: There are some people who talk and some people who don't...both sides are becoming identical...The Prisoner show (Episode 2: The Chimes of Big Ben)1967That's why it doesn't matter who Number 1 is. It doesn't matter which "side" runs the Village. Both sides are becoming identical. What in fact has been created? An international community. A perfect blueprint for world order. When the sides facing each other suddenly realize that they're looking into a mirror, they will see that this is the pattern for the future.
Girl Talk (Greg Gillis)Play Your Part (Pt. 2)Feed the Animals2008Journey - "Faithfully," plus beat is probably Yung Berg featuring Dude 'n' Nem - "Do That There"
Franka Potente, Benno Fürmann, Tom TykwerScene: Man and woman, sister and brother...The Princess and the Warrior movie (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin)2000German
Wim Wenders, Solveig Dommartin, Pietro FalconeScene: Rich...sleep on it...Until the End of the World movie (Bis ans Ende der Welt)1991French
Michael Linnen & David Wingo?Music from kissing sceneAll The Real Girls movie2003
David Alexander (director), D.C. Fontana (writer), Leonard Nimoy (actor)Scene: They rebel against the sterilized, artfully balanced communities, regard themselves as aliens in their own worldStar Trek show. Episode: The Way to Eden1969
Michael Linnen & David WingoHot TubAll The Real Girls s.t.2003
David CronenbergTelevision signals, projecting fantasiesDirectors: The Films of David Cronenberg show1999Forbidden images coming to you from a distant place that have great resonance for you
KenSaying things2009(Missing from audio archive)
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