Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza: Audio, 12/12/09: The Shattering of Many Illusions (Hudson, NY) (show #407)

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza:
The Shattering of Many Illusions (12/12/09, show #407)

You don't have to be sick. We'll make sandwiches in the morning.
Live in Hudson, NY @ Jean Deux Books and Records, w/Diane Cluck

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This is the entire show, live, unedited, performed 12/12/09 8:34-9:17pm at Jean Deux Books and Records in Hudson, NY.
The full show list has over 407 shows from the past 15+ years, all different.
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Source listing (playlist) (Listen to show)

Artist Title Album Year Comment First use Last use
Playlist complete, in order of first appearance (sources collaged and layered together simultaneously)
Tom RoeTalking before show2009Of free103point9. Recalls The Flying Sarabande Machine (6/16/02)0:00:000:00:22
KenTalking before show2009On lamp0:00:060:00:30
Diane CluckTalking before show2009Also on lamp0:00:070:00:28
Dan SewardTalking before show2009Also also on lamp0:00:180:00:31
Dan SewardIntroduction2009Proprietor of Jean Deux Books and Records in Hudson, NY. We'll make sandwiches in the that you can hear them without having to get on the internet, 'cause that sucks.0:00:330:01:10
KenTalking2009Yay for the internet sucking...a different now from the now that you're looking at0:01:100:02:11
The Mountain GoatsNew Monster AvenueGet Lonely2006Various fragments. Recalls Ithaca show (10/23/09, not online yet)0:01:540:38:01
Pink FloydSummer 68Atom Heart Mother1970One little loop, sometimes layered0:03:020:15:09
KenTalking2009The idea is for it to be something that sounds nice and feels nice...your feelings are your own...I will abruptly stop right then0:04:560:05:51
?On the Run chapterClassic Albums: The Making of "The Dark Side of the Moon" (documentary)2003My memory of it is just this room full of tapes rolling around, because it was without any sort of computer help, everything had to be done manually0:06:080:33:49
Anti-Pop ConsortiumReflections SynthReflections - Multitracks2009Isolated synth track0:07:230:15:02
Pale 3 (Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil, Tom Tykwer)Padded RoomThe Princess and the Warrior s.t. (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin)2001Layered copies0:08:030:37:50
Barack ObamaWar is Peace speech excerptsNodel "Peace" Prize acceptance speech 12/10/092009There always has been war and there always will be. Today, wars are "just!" Meet the new boss, same as the old (or: Suckers!!)0:08:590:12:19
George W. BushSpeech excerptPresident's Address to the Nation 9/13/07 (on "moving forward" in Iraq)20070:11:150:12:08
KenTalking2009This is the first time I've ever heard that man speak. That's about as much as I can take. Five minutes told me everything. I used to like listening to the previous person who was called president, because there was something sort of funny about the terribleness; but the funniness is gone and the terribleness is all that's left.0:12:250:13:21
Judy GarlandI don't know how to work this (a.k.a. Obvious Nazi Machine)Judy Garland Speaks! Disc 11960'sIt's high time to cut the comedy0:14:010:15:50
Judy GarlandI just played that tape (a.k.a. Plane Crash)Judy Garland Speaks! Disc 11960'sYou know we're not meant to be flying. Your life isn't nearly as important to me as mine. This machine isn't going to get me, either0:15:500:43:15
Jimmy CarterSpeech excerptsCrisis of Confidence speech 7/15/791979America has lost faith in its government. We've learned that piling up material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives that have no confidence or purpose. For the first time in the history of our country, the majority of our people believe that the next five years will be worse than the past five years.0:16:270:22:21
Franklin D. RooseveltSpeech excerptMilitary and Economic Preparedness 5/14/401940The shattering of many illusions....Fear bordering on panic...It is whispered by some that only by abandoning our freedom, our ideals, our way of life, can we build our defenses adequately, can we match the strength of our aggressors. War is good, etc.0:18:070:22:31
Alan WattsIntellectual YogaPhilosophies of Asia1971Need to unthink at least once a day. Lecture in San Francisco0:19:170:21:56
Wayne DyerTrack 610 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace2002Attracting abundance. Did it ever occur to you...0:20:080:35:28
James BurkeToday's truth is irreconcilable with the previous versionThe Day the Universe Changed, episode 10 (final episode)1985Science always gets it wrong0:24:250:25:54
Explosions in the SkyYour Hand In MineThe Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place2003Various fragments. Recalls Beautiful Terror (12/22/03)0:25:130:43:25
KenTalking2009Feeling back onto doing what I like to do, I forgot that I can just do what I do. Backannounce attempt0:28:100:32:20
David CronenbergTelevision signals, projecting fantasiesDirectors: The Films of David Cronenberg show1999Forbidden images coming to you from a distant place that have great resonance for you0:34:010:34:41
KenTalking2009Sometimes all I have is my own sense of myself... I took a sick day...every day should be a sick day. That doesn't mean being sick; it means realizing you can be OK, you don't have to be sick, you can just let yourself be how you want to be that day, and clear everything else away. It'd be nicer to call it a clear day, so I guess I still have some work to do. ...Moving slowly through little bits of this for years...scared to know what's right on the other side of this part...0:38:110:41:10
KenTalking2009I guess that's how this song ends0:43:230:43:58
Dan SewardOutro2009Radio station roll call0:43:580:45:23
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